A Maine licensed animal shelter facility for chinchillas, license # F1346

Chins who are offered for adoption have completed a quarantine period of not less than two weeks. They are often very well socialized, although some may need your patience and TLC. Birth dates are often approximate.  Shelter chin's health cannot be predicted due to their unknown pedigrees, feeding, and care at their previous homes.

We always have shelter chins available!

Please submit an adoption application and we'll contact you for an adoption appointment.

Did you see us on FOX 23? 

Shelter chins Coco, Rey, and Smokey were in the studio!

How do I adopt a chinchilla?


 1.  Read the chinchilla care information page to learn more about chinchillas.

2.  When you're ready to adopt, complete the online Adoption Application.  We'll contact you after we receive it to schedule  an appointment to visit.  

3.  Meet the chins during a video chat (2020), or...

4.  Plan to visit for an hour while we:

         * Review your application

         * Meet and learn how to interact with your pet

         * Sign the adoption contract

         * Review the care information packet

         * Complete payment (cash, PayPal, or Venmo)

         * Ask & answer any questions

5. Take your new chin(s) home and contact me anytime with questions via text, email, facebook, or phone. Facebook: Marianne Chinchilla 


How do I surrender a chinchilla?


If you need to surrender your chinchilla complete the online surrender form, we will contact you to schedule a date & time for transfer. In some cases we can pick up chins at your home, but most surrenders are brought to the shelter in South China, Maine.  


We understand this is a very difficult decision and and we will make the transfer as simple as possible. You will be asked to complete and sign the surrender form and MCS staff will ask additional questions about your chin to help match them with a new owner. All adopters must complete an application and education process to adopt from us, so you can be assured your chin will be placed in a safe & loving home. 


Surrendered chins should arrive with their hay, food, water, dust, and a $40 donation to the shelter. Familiar items for the new cage such as a favorite shelf or house insure a less stressful transition for your chin.  A clean usable cage will be accepted in lieu of a donation, we place chins in their new homes with their original cages if possible.


Surrendered chinchillas are held in quarantine for 3 weeks, then matched with a companion if available. If chins arrive with illness or injury they visit a veterinarian for care and are offered for adoption when they are healthy. Please consider donating to the shelter for our veterinary fund, shelter chinchillas often need care from an experienced chinchilla veterinarian


Past and present shelter visitors

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